Anxious Patients

At Woodward Dental Practice, our friendly team aims to make your experience with us as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Some people find that adverse experiences in the past make it impossible for them to relax during dental treatment, and they find they just can’t talk themselves out of their fear.

This is not unusual and there are genuine reasons for this, beyond an individual’s control. The brain’s emergency panic (or flight and fight) mechanism can become primed to react to certain situations, such as having dental treatment.

In our years of practice we have found that our patients are very individual, especially in what exactly triggers their fear of dental treatment.

  • It is worthwhile to take time to find out as much as possible about things that trigger panic, in order to tailor treatment accordingly.
  • A non-judgemental approach is vital. The dentist understands that a nervous person is not being bad or silly. We hope that our patients are also patient with themselves on this issue and allow us to care for them
  • In addition to a non-judgemental approach, we will sometimes offer an oral sedative which acts directly on the brain’s fight/flight mechanism and lets our patient’s relax.
  • You should not drive after oral sedation and you will need someone to escort you home.

We notice that as we get to know our people and they begin to develop trust in us, the need for oral sedatives reduces. But this takes time.

If you’re nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist call us today to discuss what options are available to you and how we can assist. Call 04 472 3102