Patient Testimonials

At Woodward Dental we pride ourselves on our level of patient care, both in and out of the dentist’s chair. As a result, we receive overwhelming positive feedback. We are proud to share just a few of these comments below to give you an idea of the kind of service you can expect at our practice.

What People Say

Our Testimonials

“We have been Charlotte’s patients for several years. We have always found her and her team at Woodward Dental Practice to be highly professional, friendly and welcoming when we visit. The scheduled appointments and telephone call reminders are very helpful.

Charlotte is very knowledgeable and keeps up with new technology. An example was when she got a new machine to produce crowns. Charlotte showed Bob how it worked and proceeded to make his crown and fitted it all on the same day. This was great because the procedure didn’t drag on and also meant no temporary crown needed to be fitted.

Another example of Charlotte’s care and expertise includes her proactive approach to helping Bob with sensitive gums. She recommended he go to Periodontal Specialist and the problem was fixed. She also helped Margaret with some bridgework and the end result looked perfectly natural, which delighted Margaret.

Going to see Charlotte is always a pain free experience, and we always leave with a smile and a laugh. She has excellent communication skills with her team and makes us feel comfortable and involved in all choices about our dental health. They treat us not just as patients, but as family friends. They give us confidence to do whatever is required to keep our gums and teeth healthy.”

Bob & Margaret Hastie of Lower Hutt.

“David Corcoran has always demonstrated a lot of care when I have visited him at Woodward Dental Practice.

David has ensured that he is up to date with my general health and knows what medications I am on before he starts any work.

He and his team always explain what they are going to do very clearly, so there are never any unpleasant surprises.

David’s work has included everything form routine checks to the extraction of a very difficult tooth.

I am always confident with David that he has my interests at heart and that he is doing the right thing, and the best he can for me. I am also impressed at how dedicated he is to his profession – keeping up to date with the latest developments in the world of dentistry.

Everyone at Woodward Dental is professional and demonstrates teamwork. Appointment reminders are always sent out with plenty of time to schedule or if necessary reschedule.

I am happy to endorse David and his team to friends.”

Dianne Bateman, Churton Park, Wellington.

“Before shifting to Wellington I had had a few bad experiences with dentists so I was in no hurry to find a new one. Eventually of course I needed to see one and asked around my friends.

Charlotte Cocks was recommended to me, and now some 17 years later I am delighted to have completely revised my “dentist experience” thing. Charlotte gained my confidence by always keeping me fully informed of what she was doing, what needed to be done at the time and in the future. She has always given me the options and explained the pros and cons of each. Nothing she has done has needed replacing or been anything other than great.

A particular instance stands out. I had a gold front tooth most of my life after a childhood breakage. Charlotte suggested it was time to look at other options. I was dreading it, remembering how much trouble I’d had when it was first done. Charlotte gave me a front tooth to match the other, coloured the same, better than the gold one and with no fuss or trouble since. My only regret was why I hadn’t done it sooner!

Even my husband now goes to Charlotte as well!

The Woodward Dental team send regular reminders when check ups are due, which is great. Also, they are flexible over last minute appointment changes, which is very helpful.

If there is such a thing as a painless dentist, it is Charlotte. I’m dreading having to find another dentist when I leave Wellington!”

Jay Lamburn, Wellington.