Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt into the mouth. They are intended to move into the bite behind the back molars at about eighteen years of age.

Not everyone develops wisdom teeth. In other people the wisdom teeth erupt into position with no problems.

Wisdom Teeth Removal | Woodward DentalIt is quite common that the jaw shape cannot accommodate these additional teeth. This can lead to either crowding of the existing permanent teeth, or the erupting wisdom teeth may get stuck or impacted.

Impacted wisdom are sometimes fine but they can be problematic.

  • There may be repeated and painful infection of the gums around them, pericoronitis.
  • Badly angled wisdom teeth may form a trap for food and bacteria, that the individual cannot get to remove, this threatens the tooth in front with decay.
  • Cysts can form around the tooth.
  • They may contribute to crowding of the front teeth.
  • Upper wisdom teeth sometimes start to painfully rub and wear the cheek tissue

If any of the above conditions exist, your dentist may discuss with you whether these teeth should be removed.

Wisdom tooth removal may be very simple or require a more complicated procedure. A careful examination will be needed to assess what will be required. In difficult cases a referral to a specialist will be made.

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