Dental Bridges

A bridge is a way of filling the space of a missing tooth with something that is fixed to the teeth on either side of the space. There are two main techniques.

False tooth with metal wing, bridge | Woodward Dental

Bonded Bridges

  • Bonded to the teeth on either side of the space by metal wings
  • The advantage is that the supporting teeth are barely shaped. There is very little “cost” to the supporting teeth, but they must have enough enamel to be bonded to.
  • The disadvantage is that the bonded fails from time to time and maintenance and re-bonding must be done at the patient’s expense.
  • Bonded Bridges cost less than other space filling options

Dental bridges information | Woodward Dental

Fixed Bridges

  • Fixed to the teeth on either side of the space by crowns over the supporting teeth
  • Look very natural
  • Disadvantage is a cost higher than a bonded bridge and that the supporting teeth must be reduced in size the shape them for crowns.
  • Do not require re-bonding

If you feel that crowns and bridges may be the solution to any of your damaged or missing teeth contact our expert team on 04 472 3102 to discuss options and organise a consultation.