Fissure Sealant

Why are they done?

Fissure Sealant | Woodward DentalFissure sealants are done to prevent tooth decay in back teeth. The first areas to decay in teeth are the grooves or fissures that run along the biting surface of teeth. These grooves decay because they are too narrow for toothbrush bristles to reach and bacterial plaque cannot be removed by your toothbrush.

Bonded sealants seal over the fissures, denying bacteria access to them

Who needs them?

Young people who have naturally deep narrow fissures on their teeth. Not everyone would benefit, but they are valuable in the right position

How are they done?

The tooth groove is cleaned of debris, and lightly etched with acid. The light etching prepares the tooth surface to be bonded. A resin is flowed into the groove and set with a light. The tooth must be kept dry throughout so that the bond is secure.

The procedure is painless.

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