White Fillings

For over 150 years tooth repairs have been done with silver amalgam fillings. There is an ongoing debate about the possible effects to human health in having this type of filling. What is not in debate is that they are not pretty and many people do not like the look of black fillings in their teeth.

Even with a good oral hygiene routine the majority of people will require a filling at some point in their lives as a result of either decay or tooth damage from an accident.

As well as treating decay the white (composite) can be used to build up worn teeth and placed as a veneer to reshape teeth that are less than ideal aesthetically.

Advances in dental materials and technologies are revolutionising dental techniques to create more natural and aesthetically pleasing fillings which can enhance your personal presentation and aesthetics.

At Woodward Dental Practice we are experienced the use of these composite materials. Please contact us on 04 472 3102, or let us know when you are seeing us that this is a service you might be interested in.